Most Viewed Clips on Twitch #282 ft. EternalEnvy, Cancel, Gorgc, w33haa, Ramzes

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Here you can watch the top most viewed clip on twitch on June 11 2018 which contain best moments of dota players with twitch chat.

This episode featured following streamers:

w33 w33haa
Bububu bububu
Synderen synderen
Gorgc gorgc
Cancel canceldota
EE eternalenvyy
Ramzes ramzesdoto
Henry henry
GspotDota gspotdota
FreeCooKiess freecookies
Alohadance alohadancetv
Robotvice robotvicedota
Itokatv itokatv
Met_Esports met_esports

Malik Bash - Ghosts

Outro Credit:
Fear feardota
EE eternalenvy1991
Team Empire team_empire