Russian Documentary about Sergei Polunin and Mayerling from 2013

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(Translation from FB Group - Sergei Polunin Italia)
Sergei’s dressing up for ‘Mayerling’. The journalist asks if it’s hard to play an insane Rudolf in the third act. Sergei replies – no it’s not a problem. The first act is far more difficult as long as he has to hold himself.
We can see some archive footage: Sergei visiting his hometown, Kherson in 2012. He says he went to see his gym class, as he wanted to meet his pals.
Then we see his mom, Galina, who says that when they arrived in Kiev she had just 50 bucks and 4 heavy suitcases.
Tatyana Martynenko, one of Sergei’s tutors at Kiev Ballet School, says that Sergei was born to dance.
Sergei talks about White Lodge - it reminded him of ‘Harry Potter’. He had a great time there.
Johan Kobborg says he never met anyone as gifted as Sergei. Maybe only Johan himself when he was younger. He also says that many dancers can perform all the tricks, others are very fine actors. But 2 in 1 is pretty rare.
Sergei says that when he was a kid his dream was to become a principal dancer, but when it happened nothing really changed.
They talk about the streets protests in London in 2011 caused by the death of Mark Duggan and Sergei says he met some of the guys who took part in that protests.
Then he talks about his schedule: if he performs every 3-4 days he doesn’t need to exercise too hard in a gym. But on stage he devotes himself to dance 100%.
Then he talks about quitting RB. He did it because the pressure was very hard. Johan supports him: he says that if working in a company doesn’t make you artistically happy then you have to do something else.
Luckily Sergei met Igor Zelensky who highly appreciated his talent.
Then they are in a bar close to Stanislavsky ballet company. Sergei says that he like to seat here alone.
About the Stanislavsky company – Sergei actually doesn’t have a contract there. He and Igor trust each other. It’s very important for Sergei to know that he can do whatever he wants.
And last but not least: Seriozha wants to be famous – but not in a cheap way. He wants to do something amazing, something he really believes in.