The Tattoos Of Sergei Polunin "Body Of Art"

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The Tattoos Of Sergei Polunin "Body Of Art"

Sergei Polunin is a Ukrainian ballet dancer. Famous for his “once every hundred years” talent, he has incredulous elevation and impeccable technique. From an early age, he displayed glorious dramatic range. Home videos of him as a tiny boy improvising to Pavarotti are very foretelling. At age 20, he became the Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal dancer.

Ballet gained an unprecedented new awareness when he danced in Hozier’s viral video ”Take Me To Church.” People who never would have never paid any attention to ballet began to watch the tattooed phenom. He is generally attributed with bringing ballet to the modern common man. Classical, yet cutting edge, Sergei starred in Diesel’s “Make Love Not Walls” campaign and has put his mark on many other promotions.

Sergei is a much sought after model and actor. Fashion designers love his breathtaking physique and brooding good looks. He has garnered only positive reviews for his acting. His appearances include Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the Orient Express, the biographical documentary Dancer, The White Crow, and Red Sparrow.

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On February 9, 2015 the "Take Me To Church" video was uploaded to YouTube.
Singer Hozier tweeted "Absolutely blown away by this gorgeous piece of work from David Lachapelle and Sergei Polunin. No words! Thank you!"
Hozier was not the only one who liked it. It went viral. Currently, there have been almost 19 million views.
For most of us, it was this video that first brought him to our attention.
Sergei Polunin, brooding and beautiful. A ballet dancer with so much talent he is destined to become legendary. Perhaps surpassing Nureyev and Baryshnikov.
He spins like a drill bit and his leaps have such hang time he appears to float.
Natural flexibility and a penchant for the dramatic, enough emotional presence onstage to make you weep.
And... those tattoos.

Sergei - Tattoos mean freedom to me, just my kind of way to rebel. I wanted to get scars. I always loved Greeks, loved Roman warriors. And I feel men should have scars.

The "tiger scratches" he calls them. The first set started out as an orange tattoo.
Unhappy with the color, he "fixed" them with self scarification. The rest of the scars were inflicted with acid.
On his stomach is a Kolovrat, an ancient pagan Slavic symbol of the sun meant to endow energy and light.
On his right side is a grim reaper because "it looks cool."
Peeking from his waistline is a howling wolf commemorating his dancing the principal role in the Royal Ballet's "Peter And The Wolf" in 2009 at age 19.
On his right hip is a sentence, "I am not a human, I am not a g*d, I am hwo I am." The tattooist was supposedly illiterate.
His left side bears the Chechen flag emblem.
He has no actual connection with Chechnya, but likes the design and thinks the history of the country is interesting.
His left lower back depicts the church where he was christened in his home town of Kherson, Ukraine.

Sergei - "I get tattoos when I'm a little bit down. It's almost like you wanna destroy yourself or harm yourself a little bit and then you're right. I decided to do this church to have something positive on the body. It took 12 hours. A lot of pain, too much. You go crazy after awhile from the pain. It was okay."

Raindrops falling on the word "memories", "Life is a short trip."
Upper back "Mad house."
"Tiger forgive me" shoulder blade.
Joker (Heath Ledger), James Dean, face of Igor Zelensky
Arms - cross, Mickey Rourke
Hands - dirty money, ND, DLCH (David Lachapelle), national symbols of Russian and Ukraine, Natasha
Sergei - "Natasha is this amazing ballet dancer. She's a star. I did
her initials. We had fights and I tried to take her name off but then we made up and I was like oh don't go away."

Host - "Here it still looks a little fresh."

Sergei - "I had an argument with my girlfriend and I tried to remove it. But then she texted me a really nice message and I was like thank g*d they didn't come off. So yeah, it's healing."

Lastly, on his inner right ankle a gladiator helm and down his left foot Achilles in ancient Greek.

Sergei - "When you're low, you do tattoo and it gives you adrenalin for a couple of days and you're very happy. Yeah, I never wanted to be a good example, I like imperfections in the world."